Why iPad?

At ICOM, our technology infrastructure is built around iPad. We believe iPad is the ideal device for medical students. Whether you are taking notes during lectures, collaborating with other students, prepping for board exams, or checking references during rotations – iPad is a powerful, portable, and flexible device that empowers you to work and study on your own terms.


What You Get

Each student receives an iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Apple Pencil. These tools make learning easy by allowing you the flexibility to learn in ways that work best for you. And that’s just the beginning! iPad at ICOM also gives you direct access to online references and materials to streamline your education. We want you to spend time learning – not searching for the right app or resources. We curate each iPad with the apps and shortcuts you need to playback lectures, keep track of notes, and interact with your instructors.


iPad On Campus

No matter where you are on campus, we’re ready for you to collaborate and share. Our building is home to more than 60 displays and each is equipped with an Apple TV. Using the AirPlay feature from your iPad, you can quickly share your screen with other students and faculty. When working together, the AirDrop feature makes sharing notes and files quick and easy.

iPad at ICOM