Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

ICOM is dedicated to training high-quality osteopathic physicians prepared to care for people in the Mountain West region and beyond with an emphasis on rural, underserved areas. ICOM was conceived and established to attract a well-qualified faculty and student body, as well as to have the technical and other resources necessary to effectively train physicians for 21st Century medicine.

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine strives to be the nation's leader in training caring and expert osteopathic physicians. Interested in learning what makes ICOM different? Here are a few facts to get you started.

  • 780+ Preceptor Faculty
  • 163 Affiliations with Hospitals/Health Systems
  • 100% Apple-Based Campus
  • 162 Students per Class

Our duty as an institution is to populate underserved areas with physicians. I grew up in what today is an underserved community, and have felt that we needed more physicians in Idaho, and ICOM is providing that service.

— Dr. Brian Martin, ICOM Associate Professor of Pathology


For students interested in pursuing research, I would say test the waters, like I did. Especially if you don't know what you want or what you're looking for, take every opportunity — anything that can get you involved.

— Thomas Auen, Class of 2022


Research is really important. Maybe people haven’t had the greatest introduction to it, but it can be really worthwhile with the right mentor and with a project that you’re passionate about.

— Kate Buhrke, Class of 2022

Research Lab

Academic medicine dares you to do better, learn more, and to provide the best evidence-based care for your patients. I enjoy new perspectives from medical students, and how it challenges me to examine why I do the things I do.

— Dr. Jessica Ziebarth, ICOM Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


I’ve really never worked with a more dedicated, open-minded, and hard-working group of faculty and staff. The anatomy team works hard to make sure our student-doctors are receiving the best anatomy education possible.

— Dr. Blaine Maley, ICOM Chair of Anatomy

Anatomy Lab

I was drawn to ICOM as I could continue to work towards a career I enjoy, while living in the state which I have called home for the past 25 years. The friendliness of the professors and staff when I first stepped foot on campus made ICOM the right choice for me.

— James Wendell, Class of 2022


The training I’m receiving at ICOM, coupled with the advanced technology found around campus, are giving me the tools to become the doctor I want to become.

— Sarah Placek, Class of 2022

Clinical Simulations
Portrait of Kiefer Starks, ICOM Class of 2022

At ICOM, I’m learning about treatment that goes beyond the symptoms. At the same time, Idaho has a need for physicians, and I’m looking forward to making a difference in the Mountain West region.

— Kiefer Starks, Class of 2022


As an Idaho native, ICOM instills a deep sense of pride and excitement. I am able to pursue my passion for learning and practicing medicine near my family and friends, in a community that is truly my home.

— Erica Latorre, Class of 2022


ICOM’s medical education is a four-year program to achieve the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. The first two years, known as the preclinical years, are spent on campus. The final two years, referred to as the clinical years, take place in various clinics and hospitals, where students receive hands-on training

The faculty members at ICOM are passionate about medical education and are dedicated to the success of our students. With a balance of both biomedical and clinical faculty members, ICOM students will feel supported throughout their medical school journey.

The majority of ICOM graduates continue their medical training in one of the primary care specialties, which include family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. In ICOM’s Class of 2023, 51 alumni entered a family medicine residency after graduation.  

ICOM is training the next generation of osteopathic physicians and healthcare leaders, with added emphasis on serving rural and underserved regions. 

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