Information Technology Services (ITS) is ICOM’s central department for technology-based services. This department is responsible for providing technical support, networking computers, providing email services, managing the College’s telecommunications systems and much more. 

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Technical Support

Need assistance? Contact the ITS help desk:
Phone: 208-795-4306


IT Mission Statement

IT Services supports ICOM’s mission by providing secure, reliable, and integrated technology solutions that will prepare our students for their real world experiences.


What to expect from IT Services

  • Access anywhere from a variety of devices at any time, with a tailored experience based on your ICOM Identity
  • Expanded to services, solutions, and support
  • Secure access to the applications and data you need from your ICOM-managed device
  • Secure, integrated access to the best technology, in the cloud and/or at ICOM
  • Consistent data protection and security, in the cloud and/or at ICOM
  • Rapid delivery of solutions that meet the broadest campus need while providing the best value
  • All applications and services work on your mobile devices
  • Integrated support for the communication and collaboration needs for ICOM’s academic and medical communities
  • Seamless transition between local computing resources and elastic cloud-based resources
  • Shareable computing resources to meet growing research computing demand, across campus and the global research community


IT Leadership

Brian Atkinson – Director of Information Technology
Casey Fowler – IT System Administrator
Russell Colbert – Audio/Visual Specialist
Dina Buratto – Technical Support Specialist
David Hergenrather – Technical Support Specialist