Our Mission

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine educates students to become highly competent and caring osteopathic physicians and healthcare leaders dedicated to delivering whole-person care in Idaho and other underserved communities.


Our Vision

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine will be known for leadership and innovation in medical education, increasing access to care, and improving the health of the communities we serve.


Our Values

With these five values, ICOM is committed to the success and well-being of our students, employees, healthcare partners and the community toward improving healthcare delivery and outcomes in our region and beyond.


ICOM is committed to student success by nurturing a respectful, challenging, collaborative, and diverse environment that promotes critical thinking and instills a passion for active, life-long learning toward skillful and competent medical practice.


ICOM fosters a community of collaboration through efficient and transparent communication, compassion, mutual respect, integrity, and trust in a safe and encouraging environment that embraces individuality, inclusion, and diversity.


The tenets of osteopathy are embodied in the ICOM culture with a unified connection of mind, body, and spirit in our considerations of self-care, work-life balance, educational pursuits, and community engagement.


As ICOM ambassadors, our interactions demonstrate professionalism through our words and actions which encompass empathy, compassion, cultural competence, respect, diversity, integrity, and accountability.


ICOM pursues excellence through its commitment to its Mission and Values as mindful stewards of our constituents, curriculum, finances, culture, and community partners.

Strategic Goals

ICOM advances its mission through five strategic goals that provide long-term direction for the school.

  1. ICOM Culture and Community: Build an interconnected community of diverse learners, faculty, staff, and partners who are committed to ICOM's mission, its culture, and the principles of osteopathic medicine.
  2. Student Excellence: Prepare students with the knowledge to excel in medical school, residency, and throughout their career, and with the skills, attitudes and leadership abilities required to meet diverse patient needs.
  3. Research and Scholarship: Foster a culture of research and scholarship among students and faculty that builds critical thinking skills, drives innovation, and advances improvements in health and medical education.
  4. Community Impact: Improve health and access to care in Idaho and other underserved regions while serving as a trusted healthcare partner to our communities.
  5. Institutional Excellence: Demonstrate academic and operational excellence, professionalism, fiscal responsibility, and accountability in all that we do.