The parking lots at ICOM are available for use by ICOM students, employees, and visitors to the campus. ADA accessible parking spaces are located on the south and north sides of the building, as well as in the new parking annex located on the corner of E. Central Drive and N. Locust Grove Road. Visitor parking spaces are located on the south side of the building. A motorcycle parking area is located in the east parking lot. As part of the ICOM property lease agreement with the West Ada School District (WASD), employees of the WASD may use the general parking spaces (marked in pink) located on the East and North sides of the ICOM building, when necessary.

ICOM Campus Security has responsibility for parking enforcement. Parking permits are issued to students and employees upon enrollment or employment by the school. Lost or stolen parking permits must be reported to Campus Security immediately. Visitors to ICOM may be issued a temporary parking permit by Campus Security.

Parking violations, including, but not limited to, vehicles not displaying a valid ICOM parking permit, vehicles parked in non-designated areas, ICOM student or employee vehicles parked in West Ada parking areas, are subject to ticketing, monetary fine, or towing and impoundment at the owners expense. Unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone will be ticketed by Meridian Police Department.