See You in 40 Years: ICOM Buries a Time Capsule

Photo Caption: (L-R) Student-Doctors Zacharie Finneman, Weston Grant, Alay Parikh and Edward Letellier


Faculty, staff and students at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) buried a time capsule on school grounds Friday, Oct. 12. 

The receptacle is located in the ICOM Courtyard, underneath the school’s “selfie” feature, and contains artifacts and documents reflecting the creation of Idaho’s first medical school, including: a physician white coat; event programs from the school’s ribbon cutting and white coat ceremonies, the school’s first newsletter, a certificate of occupancy, photographs and more.

The time capsule will be opened on September 5, 2058, 40 years after ICOM’s ribbon cutting ceremony. 

“We can only imagine the technological and medical advances that will occur over the next four decades,” said Dr. Robert T. Hasty, ICOM Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer. “When this time capsule is opened in 2058, it will be an opportunity to reflect on the significant role ICOM will undoubtedly serve in changing the landscape of health care in Idaho.”

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