ICOM researchers conduct studies in several areas including osteopathic principles and practice, rural and underserved medicine, medical education, and neurodegenerative diseases. Current projects, those completed recently, and research interests are listed below. ICOM student doctors may contact faculty members to request mentoring or involvement in these projects.

Faculty Research Resources (authentication required)

Rod Bates, DO
Nutrigenomics and applications to clinical medicine

Andrea Belovich, PhD
Investigating molecular properties of the D-Serine transporter

Brad Chadwell, PhD
Kinematics of animal locomotor behaviors and their association with anatomical variation

Stephanie Child, PhD
Anatomy Research Program

Sarah Davis, DO
Effects of peer mentorship in UME of new medical schools

Jessica Evans, PhD
Cellular response of multi-drug resistant bacteria to cell wall active antibiotics

DNA-damage response from bacteria and archaea to damage from UV and ionizing radiation

Geri Deevska, PhD
Obesity, diabetes, and cardiometabolic syndrom

Jennifer Hotzman, PhD
Medical education

Ellis Locke, PhD
How tooth function in primates is altered by tooth wear during their lifespans

Morphology, paleobiology, and paleoecology of Old World monkeys and apes                                                                                                                                                       

Launa Lynch, PhD
Effects of peer mentorship in UME of new medical schools

Blaine Maley, PhD
Origins and biology of the first Americans

Quantifying microplastics found in air and food samples                                                                                                                                                                                             

Brian K. Martin, PhD
Neuroinflammation, gene regulation, cell motility in the central nervous system (CNS), CNS histology

Mike Mitov, PhD
Cellular bioenergetics, free radicals and oxidative stress, muscle biology, cancer, diabetes

Luke Mortensen, PhD
Medical education, particularly interprofessional education

Jenisa Oberbeck, DO 
Osteopathy in regard to children, adolescents, and women’s health/expectant moms

Inaia Phoenix, PhD
Medical education, particularly active-learning strategies

Michael Wells, PhD

Bioinformatics and/or Health Informatics Meta-Analysis

Studies of mosquito gene expression and protein secretion

Jessica Ziebarth, DO
Rural and underserved medicine 

Neurology and sports medicine

Musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation medicine