New Campus Guidelines Issued by ICOM’s COVID Task Force

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (ICOM) COVID Task Force issued new guidelines for its students, faculty and staff on Thursday, Oct. 8.

In addition to the safety procedures that must be followed on campus, the task force — taking into consideration a student survey conducted by the ICOM Student Government Association (SGA) — has now issued updated guidance related to study space, club meetings and activities, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday break.

Study Space

  • When not otherwise reserved for teaching, labs, or scheduled events, the Lecture Halls may now be used by students for studying.
  • Lecture halls are considered common areas so masks must still be worn.
  • Conference rooms on the third floor may be used for study after business hours when not otherwise reserved or being used for faculty/staff business.
  • Students must clean and sanitize before and after using the study space.
  • In small group rooms, masks may be removed if all students in the room are socially distancing and in agreement.
  • Students must clean the white boards and wipe off the markers after use.

Club Meetings and Activities

  • Student organizations may now hold in-person meetings and activities for up to 50 people if COVID precautions can be maintained.
  • Must have prior approval from Student Services and must describe how COVID precautions will be followed.
  • Masks will be required along with social distancing and outside speakers must be approved and agree to follow the precautions.
  • Must have advanced sign up and monitor attendance to ensure no more than 50 are in the lecture room.
  • Any food served must be pre-packaged or boxed meals. Masks may be removed when eating if social distance is maintained.
  • Violations of the above will lead to previous restrictions for all student organizations.

Influenza Vaccine

  • The Flu vaccine is required for all students and highly encouraged for all employees.

Thanksgiving Holiday

  • ICOM encourages students to consider not traveling out of the community for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Those who choose to travel should take all personal precautions to avoid COVID infection.
  • Classes will resume on Monday, Nov. 30 and will include continued on-site in-person training.
  • ICOM asks all students to be hyper-vigilant and not return to campus if they had been exposed or become symptomatic.

These new guidelines are subject to change.

For more information, visit Learn how COVID-19 has impacted ICOM’s application review process by clicking here

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