ICOM Students “Adopt” a Section of Locust Grove

Students at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) worked to beautify a portion of Meridian’s Locust Grove Road on Saturday, Nov. 7.

Organized by ICOM’s Student Government Association (SGA), the College “adopted” a portion of Locust Grove, stretching from Overland Road to Fairview Road, through the Ada County Highway District’s (ACHD) “Adopt-a-Highway” program.

Through this program, any organization may apply to “adopt” a section of roadway. Through the adoption, the group has the responsibility of removing litter within their designated roadway a minimum of two times per year for two years.

“When I was putting this event together, I was looking for an idea that everyone could get behind,” said Cody Kohout, OMS-II and SGA President. “Right now it seems like everyone is so divided, and the truth is we all have more in common than we think! I was hoping that this event could serve as a reminder of that fact and get people to come together and do some good for our community.”

More than 30 ICOM students collected around half a dozen large bags of litter on the two-mile stretch of roadway, including a car bumper.

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