ICOM Student Writes Children’s Book Series

Physicians and potatoes. What do they have in common? Well, both appear in a new children’s book titled “Rainy Bob,” a fictional story about a physician who owns a potato farm written by a student doctor at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM). 

Jeffrey Delano, OMS-II, penned a three-part book series that follows the titular character of Rainy Bob while teaching young readers about science and medicine. 

Despite the rigors of medical school, Student Doctor Delano made time to achieve another personal goal of his — becoming a published author. He says his wife and children inspire him to write and create 

“One of the biggest reasons for writing this story was I felt like it was one my own kids could enjoy listening to while learning a little bit about what I do,” Student Doctor Delano said. “Helping kids and families better understand the importance of being healthy and visiting your doctor regularly is a very big deal to me, as well.” 

Other books in the “Rainy Bob” series include “Sunny Sue” and “When Rainy Bob Met Sunny Sue.” The books are geared for children ages 4 and up and are available on Amazon. 

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