ICOM Student Helps Create National Otolaryngology Interest Group

Cameron Farsar, OMS-IV.

In an effort to assist medical students interested in pursuing a career in otolaryngology, ICOM’s Cameron Farsar, OMS-IV, assisted in the development of the National Otolaryngology Interest Group (NOIG).

Over the last six months, Student Doctor Farsar worked alongside faculty and residents in collaboration with Headmirror — the largest national database for otolaryngology education for medical students and residents.

“This is going to be an amazing resource for students pursuing otolaryngology by providing resources including mentorship, research and clinical exposure opportunities,” said Student Doctor Farsar. “Prior to the creation of NOIG, there was no other national platform to aid students pursuing this field.”

Student Doctor Farsar will also serve as National President of NOIG.

This national organization serves as a primary resource for medical students interested in pursuing a career in this field. The vision of NOIG is to provide high-quality, open-access resources to cultivate interest, education, and professional development in otolaryngology for interested medical students, including those who face barriers in obtaining mentorship, research and clinical exposure.

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