ICOM Student Doctors Administer Flu Shots During Treasure Valley Health Fair

Student Doctors at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) administered more than 100 flu vaccines to attendees of the Treasure Valley Health Fair on Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

Organized by The MolinaCares Accord in Idaho in partnership with the Idaho Health Continuum of Care Alliance, the“drive-thru” health fair offered participants the opportunity to receive a free flu vaccine from the comfort and safety of their own vehicle.

“I was so happy to be able to use hands-on skills to do something tangible for our community,” said Student Doctor Karam Musaitif, OMS-II. “Many of our participants did not have health insurance, and they were very grateful to receive the vaccine for free. I really felt like I was directly helping our underserved community.” 

This inaugural health fair — which had the support of 15 health care-related organizations, including ICOM — also afforded attendees the opportunity to receive eye exams and dental screenings at no cost.

Our student doctors are pursuing a medical education because they are dedicated to serving others and improving the health of our communities,” said Dr. Thomas J. Mohr, ICOM Dean and Chief Academic Officer. “The pandemic has made it difficult to get out and connect with people. This drive-through health fair was a great opportunity to talk to folks about preventive care and to provide immunizations. Ultimately, it is so important for us all to remember that even in the midst of a pandemic, we have to keep up with our health maintenance and our immunizations. Our student doctors did a great job spreading the word and making a difference!”

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