ICOM Names First-Ever Preceptors of the Year

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine recently recognized 10 physicians from hospitals and health care systems throughout the state and beyond with the inaugural Preceptor of the Year Awards. 

Hundreds of physicians volunteer their time to serve as preceptors to ICOM students. These preceptors educate student doctors — spending more than 130 hours working with each student — in clinical areas, assigning tasks, overseeing their work and providing feedback to help each student grow. These clinical hours provide student doctors with the real-world experiences they need as they advance in their field. 

ICOM’s third-year students on clinical rotations nominate and choose the award recipients — one preceptor in each of the College’s core sites. 

The recipients of ICOM’s Preceptor of the Year Awards for 2020-21 include:

Michael Knapp, DO 

Core Site: Aberdeen

Specialty: Family Medicine

Matthew Newsted, MD

Core Site: Benefis 

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Joseph Weatherly, DO

Core Site: Bingham

Specialty: Family Medicine

Morgan Yost, DO

Core Site: Eastern Idaho

Specialty: Otolaryngology

Jarom Lamb, MD

Core Site: Magic Valley

Specialty: General Surgery

William Davis, MD

Core Site: Magnolia

Specialty: Family Medicine

Irony Sade, MD

Core Site: Monument Health

Specialty: General Surgery

Michael Chang, MD

Core Site: Stony Brook

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Coire Weathers, MD

Core Site: Treasure Valley

Specialty: Psychiatry

Jessie Fauntleroy, MD

Core Site: Trinity Health

Specialty: Women’s Health

Student Doctors Michael Kushner (left) and Dallas Sturdevant (right) present Dr. Joseph Weatherly with a Preceptor of the Year Award.

“The many physicians serving as preceptors for ICOM medical students have created strong clinical learning experiences for our third and now fourth-year students,” said Dr. Kevin Wilson, ICOM Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs. “Their commitment to medical education while juggling the many demands of a busy physician attests to their dedication and commitment to the medical profession. These 10 physicians exemplify this dedication!” 

For information on how to become a preceptor, click here.

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