Back-to-Back Champions Take First Place in ICOM’s ‘Anesthesia Olympics’

For the third consecutive year, students at ICOM had an opportunity to put their anesthetics skills to the test during the College’s “Anesthesia Olympics” event.

(L-R) Dr. Michael D. Gold, MD; Seth Berkowitz, OMS-II; and Joshua Garrett, OMS-II.

Organized by ICOM’s Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG) alongside Dr. Michael D. Gold, an anesthesiologist and adjunct faculty member, a total of 24 first- and second-year students signed up for a chance to win a coveted “Lary” award, made by Dr. Gold and modeled after an anesthesiologist’s most handy tool — a laryngoscope.

“This event is an opportunity for students to sharpen some of their physical skills in an atmosphere of friendly competition,” said Dr. Gold. “Winning a Lary comes with some notoriety, one of our fourth-year students included it on his successful anesthesia residency application.”

Working in teams of two, ICOM’s Anesthesia Olympics required participants to complete six stations showcasing different skills, including: starting an IV; adult intubation; neonatal intubation; epidural needle placement; 25-gauge lumbar puncture; and ultrasound-guided internal jugular aspiration.

Students were given a maximum of three minutes to complete each station, but the faster the procedures were completed, the higher the score, with each teammate completing three of the six skill stations. ICOM faculty members Dr. Don Dyer, Dr. Jay Kammer, and Dr. Joseph Coyle served as judges.

Second-year students Seth Berkowitz and Joshua Garrett, team name “The Numb Nuts,” won first place after a tiebreaker round of adult intubation speed. Student Doctors Berkowitz and Garrett also took first place in ICOM’s 2023 Anesthesia Olympics.

First-year students Elliott Berens and Brandon Benson, team name “Intubation Nation,” won second place. The prize for best team name went to “Myoclonic Jerks,” composed of first-year students Lily Robb and Jackson Griffin.

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