ICOM Welcomes Second Class of Student-Doctors

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) welcomed its second class of student-doctors to campus on Monday, Aug. 5. 

“Once again ICOM is delighted to welcome 162 new students to campus. Medical school has been the dream of all these students and here they are starting their new journey at ICOM,” said Mattie Bendall, Assistant Dean of Student Services. “The bar is set high for the students but ICOM and all the faculty and staff will help the students exceed the bar and grow them as caring and competent physicians.”

The college’s second class, comprised of 162 students, came to ICOM from across the United States, with 26 hailing from the school’s home state and 48 coming from ICOM’s five-state target region of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.

“Being closer to by home state of Wyoming is really great, and I love that I can visit my family,” said Joshua Morgan, OMS-I. “But I love the focus that ICOM has on taking care of its students and helping us be the best that we can be as we strive to reach our goals of becoming physicians one day.”

School officials hope graduates from ICOM will help to fill the critical doctor shortage in Idaho, which ranks 49th for the number of physicians and 50th for primary care physicians per capita.

ICOM’s second cohort is academically strong, with an average GPA of 3.64, and average MCAT score of 505.

“We worked hard to bring not just students who are academically strong, but students who are committed to serving the community and want to give back,” Bendall said. “But most importantly, we chose students with a passion of becoming Osteopathic Physicians, growing the profession, and serving the needs of Idaho and ICOM’s target region.”

ICOM’s Class of 2023 participated in New Student Orientation July 30 through Aug. 2, prior to the start of classes, where they met faculty and staff, toured the campus, were fitted for their white coats, and participated in community service projects.

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