ICOM Faculty, Staff Honored During Inaugural Employee Recognition Ceremony

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) celebrated its workforce during the College’s first Annual Employee Recognition Ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 3. 

In total, 27 employees were honored for at least five years of service to Idaho’s first medical school, listed below in order of hire date.

  • Dr. Tracy J. Farnsworth
  • John Fullerton, JD
  • Dr. Rita Getz
  • Megan Neubauer
  • Chris Wilson
  • Dr. Blaine Maler
  • Dr. Kevin Wilson
  • Brian Atkinson
  • Shannon Blackstock
  • Janette Martin
  • Dr. Luke Mortensen
  • Dr. Rodney Bates
  • Ellie Matthews
  • Sharon Eisenbarth
  • Nicole McMillin
  • Dr. Sarah Davis
  • Dr. Andrea Belovich
  • Dr. Marlin Trainer
  • Dr. Brad Chadwell
  • Dr. Geri Deevska
  • Dr. Mike Mitov
  • Liz Watson
  • Casi Wilson
  • Dr. Launa Lynch
  • Dr. Stephanie Child
  • Dr. Suzanne Rogers
  • Dr. Gary Brandecker

ICOM employees also nominated colleagues for “SCOPE” Awards — selecting individuals who they think best embody the College’s values of: Student Centered, Collaboration, Osteopathic Identity, Professionalism, and Excellence. Among the recipients were:

  • Dr. Stephanie Child (Student-Centered)
  • Russell Colbert (Collaborative)
  • Dr. Sarah Davis (Osteopathic Identity)
  • Dr. Lora Bennett (Professionalism)
  • Amy Nguyen (Excellence)

A handful of fun and light-hearted superfluous awards were also bestowed on employees.

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